Critics’ Pick: Jason de Haan at Clint Roenisch Gallery

by | Apr 13, 2012 | Reviews | 0 comments

Two art critics whose work I admire—Sholem Krishtalka over at the Toronto Standard, and Murray Whyte at the Toronto Star—have already espoused all of the wonderful qualities at play in Jason de Haan’s sophomore exhibition at Clint Roenisch Gallery, “Year Zero.” So my recent mini review for in their Critics’ Picks section feels a bit supplementary at this point, but hopefully it compels a few more people to go see the show (if you haven’t already).

De Haan’s work has always intrigued me, particularly his comical, nautical-themed performances, Where the Ocean Meets This Guy (2007) and Moby Dick (2009-ongoing), but chances to see it in-person in Toronto have been relatively rare. Thankfully, “Year Zero” offers newer works by de Haan in a variety of media—including sculpture, collage and drawing—that show the full scope of what he’s capable of, particularly when a fascinating theme takes hold of his imagination.

“Year Zero” continues at Clint Roenisch until April 21.