Presenter at “Reframing Family Photography” conference at the University of Toronto, September 21–23, 2017.

Spectatorship, race and citizenship,” an online program of video lectures I organized for Art & Education’s Classroom, is now live, featuring the work and words of Ariella Azoulay, Tina Campt, Claudia Rankine, David Levine and Sukanya Banerjee.

EMILIA-AMALIA “Session XI: Wages for Housework – The Canadian Context,” guest facilitated by Helena Reckitt and Christina Rousseau, meets at Art Metropole on September 5, from 6–9 pm.

An article developed from my dissertation research is out now in the Journal of Visual Culture: “Photographing Imperial Citizenship: The Colonial Office Visual Instruction Committee’s Lanternslide Lectures, 1900–1945.”

JULY 2017
Canadian author Jane Urquhart discusses her book A Number of Things: Stories about Canada told through 50 Objects alongside the ideas that informed “Propped” at Oakville Public Library, Thursday, July 6, 7 pm.

Vincent Chevalier hosts a participatory screening of Gregg Araki’s 1992 film The Living End as part of his project for “Propped.” Wednesday, July 5 at 7 pm, FAG (Feminist Art Gallery), Toronto, ON.