Analogical Thinking,” my essay on Meryl McMaster’s work in the catalogue for her traveling exhibition, Confluence, won a Curatorial Writing Award (2000-5000 words category) at the 40th Annual Ontario Association of Art Galleries Awards, alongside my dear friend and collaborator cheyanne turions’s text, “Close to Frostbite.” 

Public conversation with artist Deanna Bowen about her solo exhibition, “On Trial The Long Doorway,” at Mercer Union on Wednesday, November 1, 7–9 PM.

EMILIA-AMALIA, in partnership with Art Metropole and 2/edition art book fair, present philosopher Paola Melchiori and filmmaker Adriana Monti in conversation on Sunday, October 29 from 3–5 PM at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for Session XII: Reprinting Feminism.

Presenter at “Reframing Family Photography” conference at the University of Toronto, September 21–23, 2017.

Spectatorship, race and citizenship,” an online program of video lectures I organized for Art & Education’s Classroom, is now live, featuring the work and words of Ariella Azoulay, Tina Campt, Claudia Rankine, David Levine and Sukanya Banerjee.

An article developed from my dissertation research is out now in the Journal of Visual Culture: “Photographing Imperial Citizenship: The Colonial Office Visual Instruction Committee’s Lanternslide Lectures, 1900–1945.”