Director and Facilitator, No Looking After the Internet

A monthly “looking group” held in TorontoMontreal, Los Angeles and London, UK.

No Looking After the Internet is a looking group that invites participants to look at an image (or a series of images) they are unfamiliar with, and “read” the image out-loud together. Chosen in relation to an exhibition, an artist’s body of work, or an ongoing research project, “No Looking” examines images without the traditional frameworks of the caption, gallery exhibition, or artist’s talk. Instead, it offers the space and time for immersive looking, asking what we might see when we look at images slowly and collectively.

Premised on the idea that we don’t always trust our interpretive abilities as viewers, the aim of No Looking is to examine what makes practices of looking difficult. How does a slower form of looking allow us to be self-reflexive about our role as spectators? How do we look at images differently when we interpret them with a community of others?

No Looking is an ongoing, collaborative project based out of Toronto’s Gallery TPW and takes its name and inspiration from No Reading After the Internet, an out-loud reading and discussion group that meets regularly in Toronto and Vancouver.