“Stopping the Sun in its Course,” reviewed for Canadian Art

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Reviews | 0 comments

I spent a month in Los Angeles this summer, and though I was technically on vacation, managed to see a number of shows in the city, most of which meditated in some way on poetry: or, at the very least, the role of language in meaning-making. While many of them left me feeling alienated or even antagonistic in their approach to the gallery space as an academic gesture, I did find myself drawn to the works of the (mostly Canadian) roster on view as part of Jesse McKee’s exhibition, “Stopping the Sun in its Course” at Francois Ghebaly Gallery. My review ended up part meta-review of LA curators’ current fascination with poetry, part attempt at narrating what I think McKee is trying to make happen in his gathering together of these disparate works.